The company “Koral Fish” operates in the sector of seafood processing from 1994. The company has been operating for many years in the international markets, especially in the Italian Market, and this cooperation has been intensified considerably in the last years. The products offered from “Koral Fish” company are national and imported products. This wide range of products includes fresh and frozen seafood in order to best service the needs of their large customer base.
From It’s foundation till now there have been significant development regarding the enlargement of the business area, the adjustment of workplace and the quality of the product standards with EU standards requirements. The location of the business near the fishing port is another big advantage to the business. Except that the ownership of a fishing ship gives to “Koral Fish” company the opportunity to fish in Adriatic and Jon sea, guarantying a short itinerary from the moment of fishing till the keeping and processing stage. The new building establishment with a contemporary look is inaugurated in 2008.
The area of the operating business is 6000m while the cooling base has a volume of 5000m3. The technology used is very modern and it gives to the business a competitive advantage.